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"Associated globally with the words "COmpany", "COrporation", and "Commerce" - the .CO domain is easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use... the perfect platform for today's socially networked individuals, entrepreneurs and companies to create .COmmunities, share .COntent, and .COnnect, .COmmunicate and .COllaborate." .CO Internet SAS

Domain Facts

In All Cases Third Party Tools and Sources Such as Estibot, SEMrush, and Google are Used to Calculate the Following Data

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Appraisal for .com

Estibot values in $USD


Estimated overall value of the .com keyword version. Data from
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Searches Per Month

Average volume from SEMrush


Average number of monthly searches for keyword term. Shows the demand for keyword searches. Data from
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Cost Per Click

Price in $USD


Average cost per click if you were to advertise on major search engines, (Google, Bing). Shows how expensive advertising on this keyword is. Data from
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Cost to Buy Traffic

Potential ad expense per month $USD

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The cost to buy traffic per month.
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Search Results

Number of Pages in Google for the keyword in the domain


Number of search results is reporting. The stat shows overall supply of keyword related webpages. Data from

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What the experts say about .CO domains...

"[.CO domains] appear to be a popular alternative to .com for both large corporations and small businesses" - Jon Lawrence
"A new domain is a credible dot-com alternative. It's called .co and has already been picked up by sites such as Twitter and And Google has announced it will treat .co domains as it does .com domains." - Anthony Pappas /2010/08/30/smallb4.html
"[.CO] is becoming a popular top-level domain for major global brands such as BMW, Canon, Honda, Nike, Nokia, Pfizer, Sony and Visa." - Mitch Betts 0/Global_Brands_Snap_Up_.co_Domain_Names
"Hitting this major milestone [500,000 .CO domains registered] in less than two months from the public launch of the .CO extension reinforces the high consumer demand and global nature of the .CO domain."